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  • Chlorprothixene Tablets
Detailed description

Chlorprothixene Tablets product description

Please use under the guidance of doctors

[drug name]

Generic name: Chlorprothixene Tablets

English Name: Tablets Chlorprothixene

Pinyin: L pusaidun Pian


This product is coated, after the coating was removed white to slightly yellow.


For acute and chronic schizophrenia, is suitable for the patients with psychomotor agitation, anxiety disorder, depressive symptoms.

[Specification]25mg, 50mg

[usage and dosage]

Oral administration of small doses, the first dose of 25-50mg (1 ~ 2), a day 2 ~ 3 times, then gradually increased to a day 400~600mg (16-24). To maintain the volume to start a day 100~200mg (4 to 8) 6 years old children dose for a 25 mg (1 tablet), 3 times a day, increasing to a day 150 to 300 mg (6 to 12), to maintain the volume for a day 50~150mg (2-6).

[adverse reactions]

1, dizziness, lethargy, weakness, orthostatic hypotension and heart palpitations, constipation, dry mouth, blurred vision, difficulty in urination and other anticholinergic symptoms.

2, bigger dosage can occur when the extrapyramidal reactions, such as tremor, rigidity, salivation, bradykinesia, akathisia, acute dystonia. A large number of long-term use can cause tardive dyskinesia.

3, can cause the increase in plasma prolactin concentrations may be related to symptoms: galactorrhea, male and female breast, menstrual disorders, amenorrhea.

4, can cause liver function damage, granulocyte reduction. I can cause epilepsy. Occasionally allergic skin rash and malignant syndrome.

Basal ganglia disorders, Parkinson's disease, Parkinson's syndrome, bone marrow suppression, glaucoma, urinary retention, coma, and allergic to this product.


1, cardiovascular disease (such as heart failure, myocardial infarction, conduction abnormalities) patients with caution.

2, there should be a late onset of motor disorder, should be disabled for all antipsychotic drugs.

3, allergic skin rash and malignant symptoms should be stopped immediately and the corresponding treatment.

4, liver, kidney function is not the whole person should be reduced.

5, with caution in patients with epilepsy.

6, liver function and white blood cell count were regularly checked.

7, drug use during the period should not be driving a vehicle, operating machinery or aerial work.

[Medicine] Pregnant and lactating women lactating women during the pregnant women with caution. The use of this product should stop breastfeeding.

Children under 6 years of age children disabled.

The initial dose should be halved, the dosage should be slow, then the dose should be halved.

[drug overdose]

Poisoning symptoms: symptoms of excessive coma, lethargy, respiratory depression, hypotension (in a few hours after the medication) and maintained for 2 to 3 days, rapid heartbeat, fever and miosis, mania, in the recovery period of hematuria.

Processing: as soon as possible to maintain airway patency, gastric lavage, and according to the condition given symptomatic treatment and supportive treatment.

[storage] to avoid light, sealed to save.

[packing] plastic bottle packaging, 100 / bottle.

[Effective] 24 months

[executive standard] < Chinese Pharmacopoeia >2015 version two

[25mg] approval number: Zhunzi H32024480

        50mg: national drug standard word H32024481